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Men's Vintage Clothing and MORE!
Funky Disco Shirts to Mens Vintage Suits - shop online for Men's Vintage Clothes at DressThatMan

We specialize in 1970's Outfits and 70's Clothes for Men.

Man... you've got style! 70s disco parties will have you feeling far out and tripping - it's time to get down and grab a polyester leisure suits , funky disco shirts, wild 70's vintage disco men's platform shoes, crazy azz 1970s fun polyester disco pants and boogie down, man. Show up at that next get together looking super snappy in a suit, tie or a nice sport coat with a dress shirt. Change your clothes, man! Wear retro clothing! You could make the event a lasting memory by doing just that. So, whether you're getting your freak on in 70's fashion or freaking people out because you've actually dressed up in a 2 pc or 3 pc mens vintage suit... it's all good. Check out our entire collection of DEADSTOCK UNWORN mens mens fashion and get your retro vibe on. Shopping at DressThatMan is a fantastic way to expand your wardrobe and wear unique vintage attire.

Featured Vintage Clothes: Rare XL 2XL 3XL 1970's Men's Disco Shirts
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Periodically check back in at DressThatMan.com because our mens vintage stock is an ever evolving creature. It's no secret to us that some maverick men love to shop for vintage clothes! We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you ::: insert a backflip, high five and a salute to yourself here ::: at DressThatMan.com we've got you covered in mens vintage attire.

Mens 70's Costumes: Mens Vintage Authentic 1970's Shirt, Pants and 70's Suits

Hey man, are you searching for disco costumes for a 1970's theme party? Wild print disco shirts, polyester flared pants and 70's leisure suits for men and MORE. We can tell you upfront that you're NOT going to find men's cheap disco costume clothing here - but, if you love to fly top shelf and be the KING of the party - we've got authentic clothes for men that were made in the 1970's. And, if you compare disco costumes to the real 70's attire you'll find here, original 1970's vintage is vastly superior to chintzy costumes. There is NO comparison. AND we have loads of deadstock men's vintage clothing - which means we're talking about true, authentic seventies clothes for guys that have never been worn!

We have one of the largest collections of original vintage 1970's men's shirts that are unworn in BIG XL+ sizes you'll find anywhere right here at DressThatMan.com. XL - 2XL and 3XL disco shirts for men are very RARE in vintage clothing from the 70's. And, we have more to come.

It's obvious that we have the major mojo going on in regard to outfitting all of you wild FUN disco party men out there with the finest authentic vintage 1970's fashion styles you crave. Genuine Mens Vintage. You disco dancing guys are an absolute blast! We love getting you all FUNKED UP in mens groovy 70's vintage fashion. Hearing about all of the fun and laughter you had partying in that far out 70's way in authentic vintage clothing, well Sir, that makes us happy. So happy that we sometimes flip on the disco music and dance in your honor. No jive talkin', man - it's true. You guys digging genuine vintage style make it all worthwhile. Thank you. You are truly a blessing. Thank you, man.

Look around our online store, and although our main emphasis is on men's vintage clothing from the 70's - you never know what you may find here.

Man, you work hard...
you totally deserve to spend money on mens vintage fashion for yourself!

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