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Looking for mens disco clothing? Disco costumes? Retro clothing from the 70's? We've got authentic disco party clothes for Men!

About our Authentic Vintage 1970's Disco Clothes for Men

We ain’t got no cheap azz disco costume clothes here. Listen up.
COSTUMES are for clowns, man.

The real deal groovy retroLUSCIOUS fashion from the 1970’s is the only true way to fly, man. Oh, YEAH. If you are going to throw a Disco Party or attend a 70's theme party, go original, man.

DressThatMan.com is proud to offer true 1970's vintage clothing for truly happening guys. In comparison to those cheap disco costumes... it’s sorta pricey and that's a fact. Of course it is! Why?

Simple. Because the stuff here is everything those flimsy reproduction disco costumes and reproduction disco clothes are NOT. Go here if you actually prefer that cheap and cheesy look of costume clothing!

It's on you, man. Our customers prefer the real thing!

What you'll find on DressThatMan.com is a virtual ORIGINAL blast from the disco era past. Nothing beats the genuine attire for men from the 1970's. The decade revealed the wildest, funkiest, most colorful fashions ever known to man. Nothing comes close to the retro 70's look when it comes to authentic vintage men's clothes from the fabulous 70s era known for mens wild polyester print disco shirts, polyester leisure suits, bellbottoms and flares, platform shoes, and - of course: lighted dance floors, the glittering and rotating disco ball, strobe lights, "smoke" from the fog machine, all happening to sound of DISCO MUSIC.

DressThatMan.com will dress that man in the BEST of what survived the 70s. We're ultra picky when it comes to our mens vintage clothing. We reject much more than we accept. Cheap costume disco clothes and reproductions, just don't make the grade.

The men and women who shop at DressThatMan.com want to keep it REAL, and those chintzy knock off renditions are like talking smack without the sting.

Accept no substitute. There's no stand-in that stands out more than an unconvincing get-up to get down in 70’s style.

Freaky fashion fakes are a wannabe dime a dozen. We are adamant about delivering legitimate goods. REAL always costs a little more. Because the REAL good stuff is hard to find.

And that’s the bona fide truth.

DressThatMan.com is all about keeping it real.

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Our customers prefer the real thing, but we do understand
that not every guy can afford ORIGINAL vintage clothing!


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