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Mens Vintage Clothing mens Disco Shoes 70's Platform Shoes authentic vintage mens SHOES

PIMP YOUR HIDE, man! Looking for men's VINTAGE SHOES? Searching high and low for some DEADSTOCK new UNWORN mens PLATFORMS from the 1970's? Got a major mojo rolling for retro bonafide 70's vintage attire? DressThatMan will set your azz on fire when you're trucking around and dancing in AUTHENTIC VINTAGE men's PLATFORM SHOES from the 70's. When only the REAL DEAL, funky 70's sex appeal will do - buy deadstock unworn mens VINTAGE shoes!

::: GET FUNKED UP with 1970's Platform Disco Shoes :::
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When you click on any of the pictures above, you'll be transported to the mens vintage shoes section.
You'll find a variety of men's vintage shoes from the 1970's and more. DressThatMan specializes in RARE deadstock UNWORN men's PLATFORM SHOES so you can DISCO in pure RETRO style, man!

How can I find my size in mens vintage PLATFORM SHOES?
Easy, man. Go to the accessories page and click on your size range here. If you don't see what your looking for, drop us a line - we have more offline in the warehouse. You could get lucky.

What do I need to know about wearing mens vintage PLATFORM SHOES?
Wear your vintage shoes responsibly! Listen up men: Any woman who wears heels can tell you that it's easy to twist your ankle in heels. We advise you to practice trucking around and dancing in your new vintage platforms before hitting that retro theme party and imbibing in drink coupled with new disco shoes. DressThatMan.com is not responsible for any injuries you may receive while wearing vintage disco footwear. The responsiblity and liability in wearing PLATFORM SHOES purchased from DressThatMan.com lies with the end user. While the crew here is all for partying wholeheartedly, we're also quite familiar and comfortable moving around around in heels. Know your limits. If you find yourself getting smashed at that retro disco theme party - kick your shoes off before you wobble up to the dance floor!

What do I need to know about driving in mens Vintage PLATFORM SHOES?
Absolutely do NOT drive your vehicle with your new vintage platform shoes on. Either have someone else drive, or kick them off and drive wearing flat soled shoes until you reach your destination. Wearing these shoes to drive could result in potential fatal injuries to you or someone else.

What do I need to know about buying mens Vintage PLATFORM SHOES?
The majority of the vintage Platform Disco 70's shoes we sell at DressThatMan, are the real 1970's fashion deal. If they have been preworn, you'll read that in the product listing. DressThatMan.com did not manufacture any of these shoes, nor do we have specific connections to any of the shoe manufacturers, which may no longer be doing business. The majority of these 70's authentic vintage shoes have been stored in various warehouses before being obtained by DressThatMan. Since we are not shoe manufacturers and have no way of adequately testing items that have been stored for the last 30+ years.

The end user assumes ALL liability when wearing Vintage PLATFORM SHOES
While we give our deadstock platform shoes a general inspection and believe in the vintage shoes we sell are adequate for general use, we don't put each pair on and dance around! If you have any questions or reservations regarding the integrity of vintage shoes you purchase from DressThatMan.com,
may we suggest that you return them immediately without wearing them for a refund, or, take them to a reputable shoe center in your area and have them inspected by a professional before wearing for your own safety and peace of mind. While we currently house our merchandise in a climate controlled environment, and we generally know little about previous decades of storage conditions. The glue on the soles attached to the shoes is 30+ years old, and we have experienced reports by consumers equivalent to a 2% failure rate - if in doubt, take them to a reputable shoe center as we have suggested above, and have them inspected before use. The bottom line is that the end user assumes all liability in wearing mens vintage platform shoes purchased from DressThatMan.com.

What are "DEADSTOCK" or "NOS" vintage shoes?
When it comes to vintage - those two terms mean essentially the very same thing. NOS is "New Old Stock" and DEADSTOCK or DEAD STOCK is the same - brand new, unworn items from the past. Many of the items we have here at DressThatMan.com are vintage DEADSTOCK. Just type the word "deadstock" in the search box in the top right corner - hit ENTER on your keyboard and you'll see exactly what we mean.



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