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DressThatMan.com LOVES LILLY PULITZER for Men

Vintage Mens Stuff by Lilly Pulitzer!
After eloping with Peter Pulitzer in the 50's, New York Socialite Lilly Pulitzer lived the life of the rich and famous in Palm Beach, Florida. Peter owned citrus groves there and although Lilly didn't have to work, she chose to open a juice stand using the Pulitzer harvest. Of course, being a socialite means Lilly certainly enjoyed being social, so it makes perfect sense to us why she wanted to work.

During the course of squeezing all of that citrus at her juice stand, Lilly soon discovered it was difficult not to make a mess of your clothing with the freshest of fruit. So, Lilly commissioned her dressmaker to devise a dress that would camouflage the juice stains. The result was the commencement of what would eventually become her new career.

Fresh juice brought them in, and many customers at the stand began to inquire about the colorful shift Lilly wore. The juice was great, but women loved the classic colorful shift. Soon, she had her dressmaker put together a few more, and it wasn't long before the dresses were outselling the juice.

Lilly's high school friend, Jackie Kennedy began wearing one of Lilly's colorful sleeveless shift dresses. When Jackie became the First Lady she was featured in Life magazine wearing the classic shift. This created a fashion statement that would propel the Lilly Pulitzer line into history. The juice stand behind her, Lilly focused on designing and selling her Lilly's.

Throughout the 1960's and 1970's, Lilly Pulitzer's line of clothing was a most desirable part of the casual wardrobe for the wealthy. Those affluent jetsetters absolutely adored Lilly! Her colorful and fun designs were treasured and flashed like a poster for the well heeled, and still are today. We are delighted to be able to offer the vintage Lilly Pulitzer Mens Stuff line to customers in Florida, California, Cape Cod, and the Hamptons, along with various resort locations across the globe.

The original Mens Stuff line was manufactured from the late 60's to the early 70's. This vintage line is most coveted by the staff at DressThatMan.com, and we are thrilled to be able to bring you some of the most rare and finest pieces that exist in the market today. It's an understatement to say that DressThatMan utterly LOVES vintage Lilly Pulitzer clothing for Men, and it seems there are not adequate words in the English language to convey our adoration for Lilly Pulitzer and her original Men's Stuff line.

We'd like to thank Lilly for adding such a vibrant and dynamic dimension to the world. We truly value your energy and vivacious nature.

Think about Lilly Pulitzer next time you have that glass of citrus juice…

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