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When should I send the invitations out?

If you're making it a requirement that guests dress up 1970's disco style for the party - which we highly recommend for the full effect, then you'll want to send the invitations out 6 to 8 weeks before the big event.

If you were employed by DressThatMan.com - it would seem crazy NOT to dress in retro apparel for DISCO PARTY! No... wait. Not "SEEM" crazy... it would BE crazy because it would defy our very existence. Anyone showing up in street clothes to our party would either be polyesterized upon appearance, or... booted from the premises.

Enough about us - back to you...

6 to 8 weeks lead time will give your guests enough time to get together their disco outfits ...of course, if your guests have no idea about how to dress up in that 70's way, you might want to put together a list of web sites to help them. Or, copy pictures of some clothing from the 1970's and send them along with the invitations.

As you might imagine - it's mandatory that you notify all men attending the party to buy leisure suits, disco shirts, flares or bellbottom disco pants from, guess who - none other than your mens 70s clothes dealer DressThatMan.com! And tell ‘em we've got the good stuff, man. Plus, guys can learn how to dress up in seventies fashion by visiting our site.

Now onto the ideas for the disco party itself!

Crucial to a successful disco party is the disco ball. You'll need a pin spot light (or two) aimed at it while it hangs from the ceiling in the room your guests are dancing in. No respectable disco party would go without this key element. Disco balls in varying sizes can be ordered in kits complete with spot lights.

Check this section of our site for disco lighting, lava lamps and more. Groovy cool stuff cheap.

Depending on how ALL OUT you want to go with the party, if you wish to get the full-on disco party effect they had at the best clubs in the nation at the height of the disco era, then you'll need to get a few strobe lights and a fog machine. While neither of these things are mandatory having a disco party, the staff at DressThatMan knows how to party. And quite frankly, we wouldn't have a disco party without going all out.

Yeah. We're hippies. And, we're having flashbacks, man. Almost every day.

Assuming this is an adult only party... the DressThatMan staff would go also add some blacklights and a few blacklight posters in a corner of the room away from the dance floor. There we'd have a triangular seating area in the corner, with bean bag chairs to relax in, if you have them... and we'd have them surrounding a low oversized coffee table. On that coffee table we wouldn't have coffee silly – there we'd place a multi port hookah with a variety of flavored tobaccos *don't even go there* on a tray nearby (not for a kids party, of course!) We'd have some lava lamps around the room. Maybe even a plasma sphere or a fiber optics display. Plenty of candles and some and incense for sure. Beaded curtains hanging in doorways.

You could add a modern touch to your retro party and get some light up glasses to serve drinks in. Glow stick bracelets and necklaces. It fits the theme and if these items would have been available back then, they'd certainly be welcome at any of the disco parties. To us, the rave and techno crowd today, are people that would have been at the disco parties back then. Know any? Invite them. They know how to party, man!

Party favors: Disco ball key chains, mood rings, tie dye T-shirts, anything with a bright yellow smiley face on it. Peace sign necklaces, incense and incense burners, etc.

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