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Fashion Tips for Men from the Archive at DressThatMan.com

The Fashionable Corporate Man
part one Image: The Business of Perception

Nothing says power quite like a man in a fine, high quality designer suit or a custom tailored suit. The unfortunate reality is that this purchase can set you back between 200 to 3,000+ dollars per suit. Moderately priced suits range between 200 and 800 each. Quality suits are a must have for the highly competitive corporate world. Trust us. A quality designer suit IS noticeably different than a cheap suit. People will take notice, often only on a subconscious level. Looking the part can be a key component of getting the job done. In the corporate business arena, clothes truly can make or break the man.

Image is a key component linked directly to your success in the corporate world. If you meet with a client looking less than polished, it could have a direct effect on not only their perception of you personally but, that of the company you represent. In turn, that perception can also affect the bottom line - which, of course, ends up trickling down to your financial status. If you want to be taken seriously, objectively take your image into serious consideration. This is particularly important when you are interviewing for that new position.

While your resume may be the first connection to the job interview and you may look great on paper… if you walk in for that interview and you don't look great standing there before him or her, that could, and most likely will, affect the Executive decision maker, one who is assessing the overall package. You aren't judged on your resume alone. That's a fact. If you don't look the part for the company or position, it's possible that it may come through on a subconscious level to the interviewer that, "something wasn't quite right," even if the person in charge didn't make any specific conscious notice in regard to your clothing.

If you're feeling lucky, you can check our stock of designer suits and sport coats. Shopping at DressThatMan for affordable corporate and business attire, makes perfect sense. You just might find something that fits you straight off our virtual online rack. We'll be adding more stock on a regular basis and, we've got plenty in the stockroom, so... if you have specific needs please contact us with your sizing information and we'll let you know when we list something in your size range.

At DressThatMan, the price you will pay for a suit that may have been worn a few times, and possibly not at all, will drastically undercut the expense of adding a fine, high quality garment to your wardrobe. Even if the suit you buy needs some alterations to fit you perfectly, it will remain far less expensive than new. Smart businessmen know that saving money makes sense. For the new inductees in the corporate world, when you begin your climb on the corporate ladder, your start up funds may not sufficiently cover the extreme cost of a custom tailored suit - yet, it will pay you in the long run to do what you can to look the part. Shopping for discount corporate clothing in the form of quality business suits, sport coats and ties at DressThatMan is sound advice to jumpstart your lifetime of success in the business world.

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