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Fashion Tips for Men from the Archive at DressThatMan.com

Integrating Vintage Clothing into your Wardrobe
for men interested in building a new sense of syle

There are very few men, if any, who dress entirely in true retro period clothing style all of the time. But, there are many men who own and love the vintage pieces they have managed to obtain over the years. Especially when they find a particular item or era in which they develop an affinity for. Their unique fashion sense develops and grows over time as they add items to their wardrobe. Once that passion for vintage clothing gets hold of you, finding particular items and expanding your vintage horizons can become an obsession.

Finding men's vintage clothing in respectable condition may possibly be the largest obstacle to feeding your newfound obsession. In general, men have an overall tendency to be much harder on clothing than women. While we hate speaking in generalities, many men wear something to death once they have found something they love, and… they may not change their clothes to do spontaneous mechanical work and the like. Yes. For a myriad of reasons, far fewer authentic vintage garments are available for men as they are for women. Men are collectively tougher on their wardrobe.

We do find many things in our travels that at first glance make our hearts sing but, upon closer inspection, we feel the sad sting of disappointment. Grease and/or paint stains, odors from perspiration and improper storage, moth holes, fabric strain and rips, collars and cuffs worn through, and vintage clothing in general overall worn out and beat up condition. We're proud to be very picky about what we'll take, but since there is so little to choose from to begin with, you can understand why we don't have thousands upon thousands of vintage clothing items for sale online at any given time. We decided early on to take the route of high quality over quantity. We knew that very fact sets us apart from the pack.

Staff at DressThatMan has earned a reputation for finding particular items for our loyal customers. Once you find your passion, let us know about it and we'll be on the lookout for what you're looking for. When we find something we think you'd like, we'll let you know via email as soon as it becomes available for purchase.

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