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Fashion Tips for Men from the Archive at DressThatMan.com

The Advantages of Wearing Vintage Clothing

While following trends can be cool, being a trendsetter is being a maverick man. While mass produced garments have mass appeal, a true maverick man has is that being and looking like everyone else just isn't for him. And, THAT is the prime advantage.

Another advantage is that there are "deadstock" vintage items still out there. What is deadstock? It's vintage clothing produced in a particular era that has never been worn before. Sometimes it even comes with the original tags intact. If you want to find deadstock items on DressThatMan, go to the top right hand of the page and type deadstock into the search box, hit search and you will find all of the deadstock available on the site.

If you've never bought anything from the 1950's, you may wish to consider checking it out. We've found that the construction of men's garments made in the 50's is of a higher quality overall. The fabrics are superb. We can't say enough about it, you must experience these garments first hand.

Vintage clothing can be your secret advantage in building a new wardrobe. Many of the men who shop for vintage clothes at DressThatMan are nonconformists at heart. Unafraid to buck the sea of fashion followers, he creates his own distinctively unforgettable style by mixing and matching his wardrobe. Using quality pieces from the past, he combines his trend setting innovative style with a flash of modern fashion.

Confident, and quite often with a natural creative bent, the DressThatMan man is truly his own man.

Get the looks.

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