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Fashion Tips for Men from the Archive at DressThatMan.com

Should I wear Black or Brown Shoes?
stop staying awake worrying at night about what shoes to wear

The perennial fashion question of all time, and one we are frequently asked. You’re not alone in this dilemma. While we’d like to tell you to not worry about it and wear one of each, that would indeed be a major fashion faux pas. As would advising you to go barefoot always and only wear cheap flip flops whenever you see a sign that proclaims, "no shoes, no shirt, no service."

Most of the time, no matter what color you are wearing, if you bring an element of black or brown into what you are wearing from the waist up, you can wear any color of shoes. For instance, wear a belt or a tie that has a color element similar to your shoes to pull them together.

If you are wearing a black, charcoal, light gray or navy suit, black would definitely be the best shoe color. On the other hand, let’s say you’re wearing a yellow suit. Not that you ever would. But, imagine that it’s Easter and the suit was a gift. Under the yellow suit, and mind you... this is not blazing school bus yellow we have in mind, it’s that lovely Easter pastel type yellow. Like a baby chick. If you actually were wearing this slightly pimp-like ensemble, the color wheel would recommend wearing brown shoes, as the yellow spectrum is complimentary to brown. Chances are good that you’d probably be wearing a white shirt with your spring outfit which would make wearing brown shoes a fine choice because you don’t own white dress shoes. Plus, your wearing a tie that is white and brown.

Later that evening, you decide to go out on the town. By now, you’ve actually decided that you like the pale yellow suit. You decide to wear it dancing, and you wear a black belt, skip the tie, your new black shirt your black shoes. You look spiffy and strangers buy you drinks.

Because there is no firm guide on the subject of black shoes or brown shoes, your best bet is to wear black shoes with dark colors and all shades of gray. Brown with lighter colors and all shades of brown.

So, there you go. A simple way to keep on track and know you're always looking good, man.



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Sam Taylor, Fashion Editor for DressThatMan.com

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