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Gay Men Have Great Taste!

It's been no surprise to us that we've developed long list of gay clientele shopping online at DressThatMan.

We're proud of the fact that gay men shopping online are some of our best customers! It's no myth that there is a disproportionate amount of creativity in gay culture in comparison to the general public. Of course there always has to be those few exceptions to the rule, because not EVERY gay man has great taste... we believe he IS the aberration that won't be excommunicated despite this fashion deficiency, as he has plenty of help around him. We afford ourselves that sweeping generalization in the title because we KNOW that there is and always has been a huge influence of gay culture behind the world of runway fashion and the media in general, as particularly evidenced on both stage and screen. We applaud that, for without that collective creative energy our world would be quite bland.

Style is a way of life. A state of being. Of course, it's a known fact that there are those men who know that. Innately. For some, this is only additional proof that you must have been born that way. For others, it's high time you considered a complete makeover slash re-invention of yourself. You can be saved. It's never too late.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Save the mail. We know there are indeed straight men working in the fashion and design industry as well. But, they are not the preponderance of evidence as far as we can see. They are the minority. To that end, we raise our martini glasses and salute our gay brothers. May you continue to color our world. Of course, if you were closer in proximity while we raised a toast to you, we'd drink, wink, smile and make a move in for hugs. Yet, from this vantage point, we hope you are sufficiently satisfied with the kisses we are blowing your way.

Today, many straight men are paying more attention to appearance, grooming and style. We've got the smash hit "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" - a show which we, by the way, love - helping men transform themselves in ways that make our hearts sing with joy. Another guy who give us a huge joy surge is Clinton Kelly of TLC's "What Not to Wear." Ahhhhhh, yes. We worship Clinton Kelly. We digress. But the point we are trying to make is that even though the metrosexual male of the new millennium blurs the lines somewhat between gay and straight men, the consensus here is that we all think the world is a better place when a man pays more attention to his wardrobe to develop his OWN overall look and style. Once a man's individual style is developed, he expands his grooming habit horizons so that his skin looks radiant and refreshed. Today's man is softer around the edges and he smells better, too. Fresh and exciting, what's not to like?

Now back to online shopping at DressThatMan...

...whether your taste runs along the lines of distinctively elegant or wildly outrageous, we've got you covered with garments that'll enhance your wardrobe.

There are plenty of dapper men who enjoy being able to ride both sides of the fashion fence. Those who can play serious dress up for their corporate side by day and by night, grab the spotlight in wild abandon.

This man is never the spectator. He is definitely the man people have their eye on. Add us to the admiring throng because at DressThatMan, we adore that man.

Intensity. Magnitude. Gay, straight or somewhere in between... for this multi-dimensional modern man such fashion is made.

Poke through our online closets and check back often because we'll be adding new items on a regular basis. Put some life back into an authentic vintage garment! You'll find an array of choices for all of your manly moods. From the wild and funky authentic vintage disco shirts from the 1970's, kick ass rockabilly gabardine from the 1950's, sexy semi sheer retro club shirts, vintage jackets, like new designer brand name suits and blazers, and new seriously classy designer dress shirts and, of course... more. You'll also find levi's 501 jeans, vintage and newer designer ties, vintage coats and jackets along with a fine selection of suits ranging from 1970's polyester leisure suits to high end like new modern day designer suits and sports coats at discount prices and much more.

All of our clothes are waiting for the right man so they can come out.

Wear them with pride!

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