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DressThatMan.com: Our Guarantee

We stand behind our merchandise!
If the item or items you receive don't measure up, notify us within 48 hours of receipt, get a Return Authorization Number from us, send it back immediately in the condition in which we sent it to you. When we receive the return, we'll refund you the price of the merchandise, minus a 10% restocking fee, when you follow our return policy in a timely manner.*

* please read the details and exceptions below regarding our return policy and additional restocking fees which may apply

Have a problem with an order? What you need to do:

::::: Contact us within 48 hours of receipt and let us know you'd like to send it back and why ::: click here
::::: We will issue you a Return Authorization Number - parcels sent back without an RA Number will not be refunded.
::::: Mail it back quickly so that we will receive it back within one week* - 2 weeks for international orders.
::::: Send it back to us in the condition in which you received it - with any tags and/or labels, still attached.
::::: We'll send you a refund for the cost of the item, minus a 10% restocking fee, when we receive it back in the time allotted above.
::::: Addtional restocking fees will apply if we do NOT receive it ON TIME*, but shipping costs including return shipping costs are NOT refundable.

* if we do NOT receive your return for refund within the allotted time stated above - there is a 20% restocking fee for the 2nd week arrival - 30% for the 3rd, etc - that cost will be deducted from your refund when it does arrive. To avoid additional restocking fees, send it back quickly!

* No refunds on clearance or sale items, or any other item which clearly states in the listing there is no return or refund. Vintage deadstock items are not returnable after unpinning and the removal of labels. No refunds on items sent back without a Return Authorization Number.

* Avoid returns by measuring your clothing in comparison to the measurements provided on each listing. We cannot stress this enough! See the sizing information for details on how we measure items. We have tried to avoid instituting a 10% restocking fee, and did have a 0% policy for 4 years, but… far too many people don't take the time to measure their clothing flat on a table as we recommend, and others have abused it by ordering multiple outfits with the intention of keeping one - which takes multiple items out of inventory and items offline for several weeks of non-availability to other customers. While we don't mind if you choose to order a couple of outfits and choose once they are in your hands, you will now pay the nominal 10% restocking fee for doing so. Processing returns and repackaging items takes time and costs money due to processing refunds, re-steaming, repackaging, adding back into our online inventory along with the additional bookkeeping incurred.

* By placing an order with DressThatMan.com you have read & agreed to our terms and conditions regarding our return policy.

Sorry, but we don't waiver on these policies! Please note, we do offer extended times to professional costumers working on film and theatrical productions so you have time for proper fittings of cast members. Please write to us and give us your timelines and we will be happy to work with you. We've worked with many costume designers over the years and we love helping you ensure your event reflects specific eras with authentic vintage clothing for men.

from our FAQ page
What if I get something and I want to return it?

That never ever happens. But, if you happen to be the one exception to that rule, we'll work with you. You have 48 hours to contact us after you receive your order so, if there is a problem, please contact us within that 48 hour time frame. We'll issue you a return authorization number and you'll have a maximum of one week for USA orders - 7 days - to get it back to us at your expense, or pay additional restocking fees as stated above. 14 days for International orders. Once we receive the merchandise in the condition we sent it out to you in, we'll issue you a refund, minus a 10% restocking fee. While additional restocking fees will not apply if it is returned to us in a timely manner as stated in our policy, you will be responsible for the shipping cost both ways, unless we've grossly misrepresented an item, in that case we will refund you the cost of the item you purchased including the shipping both ways. We're fair. And, we'll admit to our mistakes.

If you send something back WITHOUT a return authorization number, or without notification within the required 48 hours, you will NOT be refunded.

And now for the snarky part...
Don't be a jerk and let us know you're returning something and then wear it to a party and send it back. These clothes talk to us and we'll know. If you can't afford to buy something, then please have enough consideration to rent something locally. If we think you tried pulling a fast one on us like that, we'll send the polyester passion goon squad over to publicly spank you. And, we won't give you a refund. Especially around the Halloween costume party season. So, you can't say you haven't been warned. You have. If you're going to try that scam on, you're well advised to go elsewhere.

We hate being bitchy at all about anything. It truly pains us. But, you live in the world and know exactly how difficult some people can be. Fortunately, 99.9% of all of our customers are absolutely adorable.

Customer satisfaction is a high priority here at DressThatMan.
We take pride in the merchandise we offer and make every attempt to describe each individual item, to the best of our ability. We provide you with the actual measurements of an item in each listing so that you know exactly what you are buying. Please refer to our
sizing charts for measurement details before you place an order. Buying the proper fitting garment will require that you understand how we measure and size our merchandise. Sizes vary greatly and we can't tell you if something would fit you based on anything other than you getting out a tape measure and comparing the actual measurements listed.

What makes us different? We don't offer merchandise on DressThatMan that isn't worthy of our quality control standards, which means we're downright super duper picky. In fact, we're known to be thumbs down on a whole lot of merchandise that you might find somewhere else.

We sell worldwide and we guarantee you won't get ripped off buying from us.
We guarantee that you'll get exactly what we have described to you in the individual listings here.

On DressThatMan, we won't sell you rags or entirely worn out goods full of rips and stains. No way, man! We've got a reputation to uphold here.
Although, once in a while we find something that is obviously flawed, we might decide to list it here anyway because it's simply way too damn awesome not to offer you! In any event, we make it very clear in the listing if that is the case. If there is something to be disclosed, we'll disclose it. We're just like that. You won't get any junk when you shop with us.

Know your measurements! we can't stress that enough...

If you don't follow our instructions and buy something that doesn't fit you, we will refund you the price of the item only - provided we have received the return merchandise in the condition in which it was sent out to you in within one week. Although we charge the industry standard 10% restocking fee, sorry but the shipping and any insurance costs you may request are not refundable, including the return shipping costs.

Avoid the hassle of losing money on something that doesn't fit you. We hate that when that happens. So do you. Although, if it did happen and you absolutely love the item you bought and it doesn't fit you right, maybe you have a relative or a friend who would look awesome in it. After all... you liked it enough to buy it and, it would make a lovely gift for that special person. Plus, then you could hang around and stare at them when they are wearing it and think of what might have been had you checked your measurements properly like we told you to do.

If you have additional questions about an item or items, please contact us before placing an order.

The exception to this rule is in the event of gross misrepresentation of a product on our end. Yep. Due to the human condition, once in a blue moon, we could possibly make a mistake and allow something to slip through the cracks. We make every effort to avoid this situation.

Most Vintage garments have had a prior life!
Your job is to put life back into these splendid threads. You'll find that, we get vintage deadstock, that is, brand new, never been worn authentic vintage clothing that's been packed away all these years just waiting for you.

Rest assured that we make every attempt to describe significant flaws we discover in the merchandise you find here. However, slight flaws that don't detract from the overall garment are normal when buying authentic Vintage merchandise. Unfortunately, this is something that you'll often find when buying brand new clothing off the rack at you local mall if you inspect every inch and thread of a garment.

We take pride in the fact that much of our modern day designer stock, suits in particular, are in like new condition. Most have been gently worn a few times, and some are brand spanking new and have never been worn at all.

It's not unusual to get a suit that originally sold for hundreds of dollars for a third of the price and less. Super smart guys secretly save money with DressThatMan as their enabler. Looking and feeling fantastic is the result.

It's all good, baby.

Buy from us with complete confidence!

We've sold thousands of items to satisfied shoppers worldwide.

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