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online vintage shopYes. Time for the gossip. People Talk.

We love it when people talk about us. It's no rumour. In fact, we highly encourage it. Although, you really should buy something from our online vintage shop first so that you know exactly what you are talking about.

Here's a smattering of excerpts from random customers we have received:

Fantastic selection of actual mens clothes from the seventies. Amazing that I was even able to get a shirt that wasn't ever worn in a big 3XL size. I partied in the 70's but would never fit in those clothes even if I would have saved them LOL. So thanks for making me look the part again because the 70s party was a BLAST! - Markus

I know you guys like pics, so I thought I'd share one with me in my DressThatMan attire from the World's Largest Disco party in Buffalo this past weekend. I was wearing baby blue bell bottoms, an Augie shirt, and of course platform shoes--all purchased at DressThatMan.com! Thanks guys! ~ Cheers, Scott

::: check out Scott HERE in the Celebrity Gallery :::

Sent you a few pics of all the wonderful attire I've acquired from you guys. I'm a musician from Salt Lake City in a band called Son Of Ian. I love your shirt selection! They are my gigging shirts! Happy times my friends, thanks for all the great merchandise! - Thanks! Patrick Neville, Musician from Salt Lake City, Utah.
::: check out Patrick HERE in the Celebrity Gallery :::

I felt so damn smug wearing real 1970s clothes to the disco revival party. I strutted in the door with my wife and people literally did a double take. So many people wanted to know where I got my outfit! I felt like a 70's celebrity! Thanks for making me look so good. - Max

I love the 1970's vintage clothes I got from you. While I was not happy at first about wearing skin tight 70's pants and leaving the house, the disco party wouldn't have been the same without me LOL and no, I'm not that vain but my clothing made those people in costumes look silly and out of place. But it was weird that everyone wanted to touch my textured pants hahahaaa - Alan

Thank you for the best 70s outfit at the party, I had a great time and the clothes amped it up some notches. Growing up seeing my Dad in these crazy 70's clothes, didn't think I looked like him until I dressed up 70's style and there he was looking at me in the mirror! - Barry

DressThatMan - where the 1970's live! Love, love LOVE the deadstock vintage clothes I bought from you. Those polyester pants fit me like a second skin and, you were right. I was the KING of the disco party! - Jacob

We are so happy to have found you. As vintage clothing lovers, you guys have the best in mens vintage. We adore the selection of unworn period clothing you have. Fast shipping and fantastic items. We will be back repeatedly! - Chis and Patrick

Holy shit guys! Thanks for the wonderful service and quick shipment. My outfit was the HIT of the evening. Too bad I got so hammered I forgot to get photos. No problem - I'll get another chance because I WILL party in these funky 70's clothes again! - Dan in Hollywood

Here's a picture at the Little Italy Columbus Day Fiest in San Diego of me on the black polka dot shirt I bought from you. - Sal (Mayor of Woptown)
::: check out the Wild Sicilian HERE in the Customer Gallery :::

Thanks for the "threads." Awesome stuff! - Sean, bass player from the band Brownline Fiasco
::: check out Sean HERE in the Customer Gallery :::

Once again - a standout amongst imitations! - Jon
::: check out John HERE in the Customer Gallery :::

Couldn't have scored a sweeter leisure suit! I love the suit I purchased from you guys. It's amazing how it fit so well. You guys have a great operation! - Los Gatos, California Artist Gordon Smedt
::: check out Gordon HERE in the Celebrity Gallery :::

DressThatMan.com is by FAR the best experience I've had as a costume designer dealing with an online store. The production team is thrilled. I have recommened you to my colleagues and will surely be dealing with you in the future. Your service and merchandise are first class. Thank you so much. - Ann

We love the Dress That Man Store. It's Far out! Why the 70's? ... Because it feels right! ... Dy-no-mite!! - Chicago based Indie band BrownLine Fiasco
::: check out Brownline Fiasco HERE in the Celebrity Gallery :::

California is more colorful with me in it, baby. I'm swinging retro style all over the clubs in LA. I'm not happy... I'm friggin' ESTATIC!!! You all rock it like it should be rocked. Thanks Dress That Man! You guys are over and above. - Pat

STFU! I couldn't believe the quality of the clothing I recently bought from you. DressThatMan.com is by far the coolest vintage store on the web! - Gary

Digging the shirt collection I am amassing from DTM. You guys are great and I love the attention these shirts stir up. Funny thing is these shirts are older than me but I'm the first guy to ever wear them. They make me feel special! - Chad

Man! The 70's never looked so good on me before. LOL ya I grew up in the disco dancing era but I tell you I looked better at my 50th birthday party in those tight pants and a disco shirt than I ever did back in the 1970s. Thanks for making my party the event of a lifetime. Everyone had such a great time! - Don

I want to take the time to tell you guys I love the shirts I had ordered and am very pleased with the customer services. I sent photo of one shirt I pimped at Kanye West Concert in Oklahoma City, OK - McChocolate
::: check out McChocolate HERE in the Customer Gallery :::

Found the DressThatMan website and totally freaked out. I'll be back to shop when my excitement calms down and I can focus properly. You have so damn much cool stuff.
Browsing the site for over an hour, I left happy but crainially over stimulated. I love the 70's! - Brandon

FANTASTIC! I am the happiest guy ever since I got these crazy ass disco shirts from you guys. Serious, I never had ANYTHING get me the looks and steal the spotlight like these 1970's shirts have. Perfect for a DJ. Thanks for the super fast delievery, too. I love your store and will be back for more. - DJ James

I wore my green suit out for some Kentucky Derby festivities on May 3rd. Things went pretty well & the Juleps were delicious ;> I'll keep the pics coming ... I think there's a disco roller rink party happening soon. Hasta pronto - Corey
::: check out Corey HERE in the Customer Gallery :::

Love the threads! Thanks for the great plug. You guys rock! - Dezmond

::: check out Dezmond Gilla HERE in the Celebrity Gallery :::

My girlfriend and I stumbled across Dress That Man one night surfing the Internet. We lireally spent HOURS on your site and laughed our asses off at the stuff you guys say and the clothes themselves. Your site is the SHIT, Man!!! Nicely designed and fantastic mens vintage stuff. We'll be planning a 70's party this coming summer and can't wait to buy my outfit from you. - Bob

Nobody does it better! DressThatMan.com has the best vintage clothing store online for Men with the coolest stuff. Thanks for doing me up perfectly in 1970's clothes. I haven't laughed so hard in ages it was so much FUN. I would recommend you guys to anyone looking for genuine retro 70s clothing. I've attached a few photos and wanted to Thank You so much for my riot of a night!
- John
::: check out John HERE in the Customer Gallery :::

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the 70's clothes I received were BRILLIANT! You guys really do go above and beyond, even in your packaging. I'm telling all of my friends about your store and I will be back for sure. - Craig

Just spent Halloween in Vegas, and everything in the pic that I am wearing is from you except the cheapo patent “vinyl” platform shoes. My wife’s costume is a generic “go-go” girl that she customized. My digs were excellent and authentic, I had tons of compliments at the multiple clubs I visited on the Vegas strip. Thanks! - Steve

::: check out Steve HERE in the Customer Gallery :::

I will most definitely shop with you again, I'm a stylist for commercials & music videos and shop constantly. I'll email you a photo from the shoot... which will air on Comedy Central in a few weeks. Thanks again for getting back to me, great customer service! - Jill

...just found your website, and thanks for bringing back the funk! - Townsend

Love it! Love it! Thanks for keeping me unique in the magnificent vintage fashion. Even though I'm too shy to send in Gallery shots, I'm out here in LA strutting my stuff. Thanks to you guys, I attract plenty of attention which helps with the shy factor! - Evan

Wow, did you research me or WHAT? I just bought a shirt and pants and look at the great press you gave me. I say everyone should buy an outfit from Dress That Man!

::: check out Christopher Hopkins, THE MAKEOVER GUY HERE in the Celebrity Gallery :::

Here are some fun pics from our trip to Dawson City ... it was the annual Music Festival weekend and we just decided to go 70's. Great Times! Thanks, Trent and Dan.
::: check out Trent and Dan out HERE in the Customer Gallery :::

If you want the ABSOLUTE BEST mens vintage clothes online, don't bother shopping anywhere else. DressThatMan.com has it going ON! Nobody else compares in service and merchandise. - Brad

Thanks for all your help and professionalism... it's nice to get great service in today's busy world. Pic's are on the way!!!!! Thanks again bro - Vinnie

I am very blown away by the groovy merchandise and the top of the line service I received from your company. I cannot believe the whole 70's disco outfit I got is 30 years old and brand new! The website design is easy to navigate and you have so much cool stuff to choose from it's unreal. Thank you - Derek

After looking through your stock, all I gotta say is IT TAKES BALLS to wear this stuff, and I am so happy to have found DressThatMan! You have the absolute best selection on the web. We surfed your site for HOURS trying to decide what to get. My band is going to kick some ass on stage thanks to you guys - Dave

I just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you for the awesome shoes!! They are the perfect addition to my wardrobe. . . and my girlfriend thinks they are HOT!
Thanks again - Ray

Just wanted to express my appreciation for putting together the fab outfit. The pants fit better than I ever could've expected and the jacket matches perfectly. It was exactly what I was looking for. Not only was the outfit that you put together perfect, it also arrived the next day! Thank you so much for your help. Thanks to you, I'll be the talk of the town this weekend at the World's Largest Disco.
Sincerely - Nathan

Thanks to the groovy threads at DressThatMan.com, I have develped a new obsession!

Wanted to let you all know the shirts arrived yesterday in fine condition. I was a little nervous ordering vintage clothes online, but it turned out to be a great buy. The grey Campus shirt is just excellent, even better than I had expected. Love 'em! Thanks - Mike

Got it today, probably the most professional packaging I've received over the net. Everything was all shrink wrapped, dry cleaned, creased up, and ready to slap on. I got a few shirts from a different site and they were wrinkled and of lesser quality. Thank you again.
I will be shooting photos for an album cover with the suits I bought - I'll be sure to send photos of the new shoot when it's done.
::: check out Smoov-e HERE in the Celebrity Gallery :::

I bought a shirt off your website for a gala charity party I was involved in (I grew a moustache for a whole month to raise funds for prostate cancer... and thanks to your shirt and some good styling I proudly took home the award for Best Pornstar Mo on the night. See the pictures attached for a laugh and by the way the shirt fit me like a glove.
::: check out Paris HERE in the Customer Gallery :::

Simply said, you are absolutely amazing! You certainly went above and beyond when helping me come up with a funky disco outfit that surely will be the talk of the night! Your customer service is impecable. Your timing is exceptional. I want to express my sincere appreciation for all that you did. I appreciate the special attention your gave me and the extra steps in putting the entire outfit together, and for doing it so quickly! Thanks again for making my party a blast!
::: check out Curtis HERE in the Customer Gallery :::

Thanks again for all of your help with the suit. I love it! It fits great. It was delivered in 2 days and I appreciate the complimentary ties you sent with it. I've got you bookmarked and will shop here again!

This shirt has made my friends green with envy. I might have to keep it under lock and key. That's cool because they've never threatened to steal anything of mine before.

Holy sh*t. This suit is a rockabilly boys dream! Thank ya!

Just wanted to let you know that we received your package today and wanted to Thank you for getting it here so quick. You have an awesome site and a wonderful product. The clothes were just as you stated in the description. Please forward me your email address or a way I can attach the pictures from Homecoming. My son really wants you to see how great he looks. ::: check out John HERE in the Customer Gallery :::

...would just like to say, a real big thanks to you all, the garments i got from you fit, look so cool, were better than i wished for; me, just over the moon, great site, great clothes. will be coming back for more. thanks again. ::: from another happy International customer in England :::

Thanks for the confidence booster. Since I bought this funky crazy wild shirt it has become a topic of conversation wherever I go. Chicks dig it!

Tuuto bene, veloce, perfetto ++++++++++++++++++

The suit was much nicer than the photos showed. It looks brand new. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the nifty 50's shirt. I cannot believe how fast I got it. The fabric is beautiful and it is in pristine condition.

We've bought vintage clothing from a few other shops online before. This was by far the best experience we've had in shopping on the internet. You guys are so fun and honest in the descriptions. Our order was immaculate and swift.

What a fun way to shop! I never bought anything on the internet before. DressThatMan took my net shopping virginity. Laughed my ass off while combing through your site. It was pure fun shopping in my underware. Thanks for dressing me up.

B*tch*ng vintage Jeans! Like you said, soft sweet retro bell bottoms and guess what? They fit me like a glove. Place your bets. I feel lucky.

The vintage polyester leisure suit and disco shirt I bought from DressThatMan.com was a big HIT at the retro theme party. Thanks for the super fast service. I looked like I stepped out of a 1970's time warp.

As a huge fan of mens vintage clothes, DressThatMan.com is like a dream come true. I've bought vintage clothing from others online in the past, but there is no comparison to the service and merchandise I have received from you. My expanding wardrobe kicks ass thanks to you! Keep it coming - JB

We LOVE our customers!
Thanks for taking the time to write after you receive the goods.

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